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Book Review Vitamin H: Volume 2 by Abhishek Thakkar

Book Review

Vitamin H: Volume 2 by Abhishek Thakkar

Second installment of inspirational quotes book that aims at touching and healing places in brain and heart that needs immense support in such difficult times. This book is also a very short read like its prequel with simple, effective quotes that are interesting and impactful.  

Motivation, fighting spirit, not giving up when faced with adverse things, educating the soul, responsibility towards society, significance of women and books are some of the topics touched in this book. I also admire how author has very seamlessly included many thought provoking quotes about society. The simplicity of the words is what makes it a very relatable read.

In both the books I noticed how author emphasizes on not compromising up on one’s values  or giving in to society’s pressure to be certain way. That, I feel, should be an important takeaway. It is good to be motivated without losing sense of self.

Both the books together can be treated as a inspirational quote a day type of read. One can re-read one quote a day for more inner understanding and processing of the quotes.

Here are three of the hundred quotes I enjoyed:

⚜️You cannot be a poet until and unless you learn to savor the agony oozing out of heartbreak

⚜️ Existence is not meant to serve us. We are meant to serve the existence.

⚜️ Home is where the healing begins
It can also be in a person’s arms or in the words of a book

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Book Review Vitamin H: Volume 1 by Abhishek Thakkar

Book Review

Vitamin H: Volume 1 by Abhishek Thakkar

This book is a collection of quotes that aims at empowering mind, conscience and actions. The quotes are simple, easy to understand, precise and extremely impactful.

Everyone of us is sailing the same boat of distress during this Covid times and books like this that encourage us and spread positivity is the need of the hour. It is a quick read, however I took more than two sittings to complete it, as I wanted to give myself some time to process each quote instead of just reading without analyzing.

I liked how the author has made it a point to not stick to one idea and explored various grounds that are part of a human’s life. This book covers everything from women empowerment to mental health to motivation to life to love to happiness to various other significant things that makes the journey of a human complete.

Special mention to all book and reader related quotes. Loved them.
Reading this book gave me a good vibe and I am very glad of it. Here are three of the hundred quotes I enjoyed

⚜️Whosoever said that money can’t buy happiness must never have experienced the pleasure of a good book and a great cup of tea or coffee.

⚜️Most of us don’t need to be cured.
We want to be healed.

⚜️ Vision without action is lame.
Action without vision is blind.

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Book Review: Love as a Business Strategy

Love as a Business Strategy

The very title made me curious when I heard about the book. When I read more about what it is about, I realized it was everything I want to be followed by business, so I immediately decided I had to give it a try.

Love as business strategy is not as easy to follow as it sounds, because it doesn’t merely mean being kind and loving in a professional environment. It is much more. 

Since this book is based on experience of implementing the strategy and seeing success at Softway, an IT based organization, they have complete knowledge of what they are talking about. It is all not just theory. It is what people have experimented, experienced and encouraged over the past few years. The clarity reflected in every page while explaining concepts is extremely helpful to understand what is being preached even if you are not someone who is higher in the hierarchy of the corporate setting. It is a book for everyone. 

I am always a fan of books that explain concepts with a little bit of anecdote. It makes it easy for me to comprehend complex concepts. This one has done the anecdote bit the best with such suitable and relatable ones. There are six significant points that are discussed as the must follow to embrace this strategy. Instead of just telling what to do, they also mention how to do it. For instance, we all speak about inclusion, but how do we include everyone in the right way? This book speaks from the experience of authors on such matters and hence it comes out as the most practical need of the hour. 

Just as the title suggests it is about love as strategy and also about hope in toxic work culture. I genuinely hope more people read it and understand that work can be optimistic, fun and morally uplifting.

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Book Review Begin Again by Atharva Mahesh Deshpande

Begin Again by Atharva Mahesh Deshpande

“I can’t bring you moon and stars but you deserve a second poem today far more than I deserve you.”

A collection of poems and thoughts from the author’s life presented in verse form with words that say more than what they mean. It is the kind of book where you have to read between the lines and experience rather than just flip pages. 

I absolutely loved it. I started this book only yesterday and completed it in one sitting. The words are very captivating and so are the emotions. 

When the book started with a young boy’s story of a crush on a girl, I didn’t think it would end up being this intense. It is like a whole journey we are taking with the author through the beautiful words he has bled on paper. I understand the story is a compilation of what the author has written while experiencing the emotions and so it feels very real. 

The way the poems and verses evolve throughout the book, the depth of thoughts, the comprehension of everything and discovery of oneself is so genuine. The emotions are very raw and I loved the authenticity and honesty in writing.

Usually I refrain from commenting on story lines or characters when the book is based on real life, but here I am forced to mention that with flaws and all, I really admired all the characters. The ending, just perfect closure for me as a reader. 

This book has not been returned to the bookshelf yet as I am planning to re-read it soon. It is the kind of book that shows you a different shade with every new read.

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Book Review : Marriage in the Time of Corona by Arbind Bhatia

Marriage in the Time of Corona by Arbind Bhatia

Two people from different countries who wish to marry each other find themselves in a situation when Corona spoils all their plans. 

All that a Thai girl and an Indian boy wants is to marry each other peacefully and done with it. But, owing to the crisis raised in the wake of Corona, they are stuck handling papers and procedures amidst finding their happily ever after in this hilarious take on a wedding in the current situation. 

The blurb had my immediate attention because the concept looked very relevant to the current times. Also, the cover increased curiosity. Once I started reading the book and got comfortable with the narration style. It was a very entertaining read.

The writing had a very subtle humor in place of very in the face humor always preferred when comedy of errors in wedding times is written about. That is a very tricky choice but worked out very well. 

With such a relatable topic on how corona affects weddings, I also sensed that many parallels were drawn on how the wedding scene is perceived by different characters. For instance, for groom it is a must to do procedure for Visa purpose while for bureaucrats it’s just a duty. That is appreciable. 

Characters were explored enough to support the theme of the story. So, it worked for me. The narration does deserve special mention and so does the writing. Both were wonderful. 

On the whole, this quick read is a very apt take on a relevant scenario.

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Book Review: The Golden Book of Business Presentation: Quick and Easy Tips to Make Powerful Presentations by Prajeet Budhale

The Golden Book of Business Presentation: Quick and Easy Tips to Make Powerful Presentations by Prajeet Budhale

“HOW you present gives status to WHAT you present.”
Presentation is a very important part of academic as well as professional front. I wouldn’t be presumptuous if I assumed every person, at some point, would have presented something to a group of people. Have you ever wondered if there is a right way to do it?

This book is an exhaustive write up about how to better one’s presentation skills. I am aware that theories cannot be very useful when it comes to such a practical skill. But, that is what is unique about this book. It is not merely theoretical. It has very detailed questions in workbook format where you can assess yourself and prepare accordingly. I really appreciate it. It is very useful. I personally did try and deliberate with myself the points in relation to a topic I was helping my cousin to make a presentation on. 

The right structure to work for presentation expresses good clarity. Presenting an idea to someone is not just about someone’s knowledge on a topic, not just technical, but also psychological. Mindset of the presenter as well as the audience has to be understood and mastered. Author has very brilliantly understood this and penned down many factors on this ground. 

This book is very informative not only because of the valid points discussed, but also for very well drafted worksheets. This is a kind of book that you have to have by your side always and re-visit until you can master the skill.

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Book Review: Parables of a Risen Star presents: “SLEEP AWAKE” by K.L.Bynum

Book Review

Parables of a Risen Star presents: “SLEEP AWAKE” by K.L.Bynum

One minute Adam is having a normal day talking to his professor and then, the next, he is not. What happens to him and what he discovers forms the basis of this book.

This is said to be the prequel of the Graphic novel the author is working on that will take place in the universe ‘Godverse’

This is a fantasy genre and we all know how much world building and finesse of back story means for this genre. The amount of effort went into building the backstory for this novel is tremendous. I loved how the author has taken all conventional stories about the evolution of the universe, earth, humans, history, science, society, mathematics and brought a very interesting twist to it.  Research that has gone into the crafting of this story is visible. I usually admire it when the author goes that extra mile for research.

The story conveyed is fascinating. However, the way it conveyed, less like a novel and more like a research notes with bullet points, made the reading experience less amiable. It was more like stating the facts before big reveal rather than means to make readers connect with characters and plot. I am not sure if it was intentional, but I would have liked more informal connect with protagonists I read about.

That is more on the presentation than the story or its development in itself. So, based on what I read so far, I surely can see very good potential in world building.

The prequel novella is less on illustrations, but what little I saw is bright, detailed and clear. Whole book of that will definitely be a treat.

This novella is as of now is available in author’s website.

Here is the link :

Check it out if interested.

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Book Review: How to Kill a Billionaire by Rajesh Talwar


How to Kill a Billionaire by Rajesh Talwar

Billionaire Amit Patel goes missing and all eyes turn towards the lawyer who threatened to kill. What seems like an open and shut case, when taken to court takes an unexpected route.

What first hooked me to the book is its narration. Apparently, it is called dramatic monologue narration and the author has beautifully done justice to this format from beginning to end of the book. There is underline smugness about the protagonist along with repressed anger and it is brought out very well.

Indian legal system isn’t one of my strong points. However, no tedious jargon has been used to confuse the readers. It was all very effectively and eloquently written. I found myself enjoying every tidbit about working of courts and cases. Background story of all individuals was very real and convincing.

It isn’t really very hard to guess what could have happened. After a few chapters, you get a hold of where the plot is heading. However, the narration, the commitment that I formed as a reader with the character was so strong that I was compelled to keep turning the pages to know the end.

This book has really sparked my curiosity towards legal crime thrillers and I deem it one of the interesting reads of the month.

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Book Review: Aarzoo-Arshan: Can One Hate Love? by Mukul Kumar

Aarzoo-Arshan: Can One Hate Love? by Mukul Kumar

Arshan a self proclaimed philanderer, finds himself in a conundrum when his heart begins to feel something akin to ‘love’ for the sweet, ambitious small town girl Arzoo. Unaccustomed to feeling anything that isn’t carnal desire, Arshan tries every trick in his book to get rid of the feeling, even going to an extent of inventing a potion that could potentially make one not feel love. How successfully can one run away from love?

What I liked in the story is effortless narration. The language was easy and carried out the book with wonderful smoothness. Every character had absolute clarity about who they are. They were sensible about themselves and more than often about the situation. Especially Shourya.

Arshan wasn’t likeable. It definitely was a burden to read his narcissistic views for almost three fourth of the book. I understand why it’s important to make everything about him, because unless we know the real Arshan, we cannot connect to the main theme of the book. However, it was such a pain to read his tactless views on women. I wish Arzoo had a better character arc, though.

The idea of ‘ego’ and ‘love’ is very ambiguously blurred in the story. By the end of the book, I didn’t really get a proper closure (neither did Arshan’s character, I guess). I am not sure if this ambiguity was intended. Blurb says it’s a ‘psycho romantic thriller’. Elements of romance and thriller lacks, but author has done a fair job in bringing out psychological angle of the characters.

I appreciate certain ideas the author was trying to bring forth in the story about love. To an extent, it worked as well. However, better clarity in expressing through story might have made this book a more compelling read.

One a side note, I loved the cover of the book.

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Book Review: Esemtu (Vol. 1 and 2) by Karin Springer , Raphaela Springer (illustrator)

Esemtu (Vol. 1 and 2) by Karin Springer , Raphaela Springer (illustrator)

When Ethan, David and Isabella meet at a party, they have no clue their lives are going to be intertwined in such a way that the past and present are going to be entangling at their footsteps. 

David’s refugee friend is found dead while trying to sell an idol of old Sumerian God. What initially seems to be a crime of theft takes unexpected turns when the three friends realize there is more to the human world than we know. 

I have not read much on Sumerian mythology and this was particularly fascinating to me for that reason. Until half of volume 1, I was convinced it was going to be a thriller with an archaeological backdrop; I was completely taken by surprise when the fantasy elements, especially such a wonderful back-story about Sumerian Gods, were introduced. The plot was fresh and very intriguing. The idea of Gods, their history, their attitude towards the human world, their stand, everything seemed well thought about. 

While graphic novels have the advantage of visually bringing to us the grand vision of fantasy worlds and creatures, they tread a fine line while making us understand nuances of the characters. However, I have to appreciate how easy it was to connect with the main characters in this series.

The illustrations were beautiful. I loved how the Sumerian Gods and other fantastical creatures were detailed. 

I am definitely looking forward to more by the creators.