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Book Review: One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London

One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London

Plus size model Bea Schumacher’s viral post criticizing lack of body diversity in reality show Main Squeeze (like The Bachelor) brings the show’s ratings to new low. Now, with a new producer, Bea is offered to star in the new season of the same show to find ‘true’ love on TV. What does it mean for Bea’s career and heart?

Finally I found a fictional character who is plus size, flawed, relatable, funny and so much heart. I pulled an all-nighter to read this one and it was worth it, totally. 

This book is written with a mix of texts, tweets, blog posts, mails along with conventional narration. That is something I absolutely love. There were many good one liners that made me laugh. This book isn’t preachy or one sided. Possible perspectives about an issue are explored through contemporary media’s take. If you can convince yourself that you are watching a reality show, then this one is complete delight. Representation of asexual person and non confirming person seems well blended with plot and appreciable. 

Romance part of the book was probably the most underwhelming aspect. Bea’s insecurity made sense and how everyone around discussed the relationship was good knowledge. So, I am gonna turn blind eye to the not so impressive love angle. 

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