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Book Review : The authenticity project by Clare Pooley

The authenticity project by Clare Pooley.

“Everyone lies about their lives. What would happen if you shared the truth instead.”
Julian leaves a small green notebook named ‘The authenticity project’ at Monica’s cafe. Encouraged by reading Julian’s truth, Monica writes her own truth and leaves it in a bar where Hazard finds it. The notebook is passed on further changing lives of everyone it touches for good.
I LOVED the book. I wasn’t reading the book. No. I was watching a 6+ hour movie in my mind giving life to every character. Frankly, this one has to be made into a movie with a good star cast.
All characters are so real and relatable that you feel as if you know them personally. You feel connected from the first line even before you know their whole story.
Julian is man with many shades. Monica is like long lost sister of Monica Geller. Hazard is redeeming hero we all can’t help but love. Riley is best friend everyone needs. We all know at least one Alice in our life.
These are only the main characters. Sub plots and supporting characters also will surely have your heart.
A book is only as strong as it’s characters for me. So this character driven book is a treat.
Charming characters, heart warming interactions, lovely dialogues and much more.
Highly recommend this book.
Rating :5/5.

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